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Micromanaging. Everyone who has ever worked as part of the typical office workforce can attest to at least one boss who was a micromanager. They’re dreaded and feared, and when push comes to shove either their people snap or they do.... Continue Reading →

Jen-Hsun Huang is one of the most interesting CEOs of today. His leadership style is often overlooked in favor of more public CEOs such as Jeff Bezos (Amazon) and Tony Hsieh (Zappos). Huang’s leadership style is about personal authenticity and intellectual...... Continue Reading →

Jeff Bezos is a study of how customer satisfaction impacts the success of business. While most billionaires of the internet age were spending their youths learning to program and code, Jeff Bezos was fixing tractors on his grandfather’s farm. Years later Bezos,...... Continue Reading →

Do you remember watching ‘The Karate Kid’ back in the 80s, and then coming out of the cinema feeling like you wanted to be a winner just as Daniel San was? Or watching ‘Remember the Titans’ and wanting to be part of a team that was just as great, with a coach...... Continue Reading →

Generation Z or affectionately, “Gen Z” are the clued-in, cyber-smart, connected people born during the 1990s, the years when the internet and smart phones were becoming fast, pervasive, and endlessly useful. These people are in their mid-twenties, bringing...... Continue Reading →