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Add a powerful assessment line to your consulting toolkit.

Get certified to use our exclusive line of assessments, and enjoy:


Validated content backed by robust norms with tens of thousands of responses, built over 4 decades, so you feel confidence in the results


Consultative sales support from seasoned 360 specialists, so you can close more deals with the clients you love


Dedicated assessment advisors who help you set up and administer the assessment from start to finish, so you can focus on consulting


Reseller discounts – we realize this isn’t the driving force in who you select to work with, so let’s just consider this the cherry on top


Why do executive coaches prefer our certification?


We’re not wired to work on everything at once. That’s why our assessments are based on the Task Cycle® Theory, a leveraging sequence that eliminates confusion on where to start by putting the most important behaviors first.

Competencies at the beginning of the assessment have the greatest leverage and can be used to improve skill areas later in the cycle.

This means our coaches can...

  • Quickly pinpoint high-leverage actions
  • Spend more time on key areas
  • Reduce the complexity of interpretation
  • Identify development goals more easily

Your reputation is everything.


Consultants and coaches choose TruScore because they don’t want to

  • Second-guess the assessment results
  • Disappoint their clients with poor (and frustrating) technology
  • Risk a generic survey that fails to move their client’s development needle

When you work with TruScore, you know you’re partnering with an industry leader whose content + service has proven itself for 50 years.

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More impact, right
out of the gate

"The Task Cycle® model is prescriptive in nature, allowing me to quickly determine with a leader which strengths to amplify and which development opportunities to focus on. At the end of one session, the leader is able to move forward immediately with action items coming out of the feedback, having more impact right out of the gate."

- Erin Hirschland, Performance Link

You support your clients.
We handle the assessments.

Step One



Choose from 10 ready-to-go 360 surveys, or collaborate with our experts to build a custom one.

Together, we help you build a reliable assessment that evaluates the skill sets most important to your client.

Step Two



You’ll get comprehensive best practices guidance, so your client’s assessment is set up for success.

Next up, work in your branding and begin survey distribution.

Step Three



Don’t stress about the details: we handle full administration, monitoring, and report delivery.

You’ll have full access to your client’s projects and feedback data, always.


Are you a coach interested in joining the TruScore network?
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