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Our Commitment to Privacy

The Booth Company, DBA TruScore, respects your right to privacy and utilizes the following practices (“Marketing Privacy Policy”) in regards to any information we are provided about users of the TruScore website located at (the “Website”). Please review this Marketing Privacy Policy prior to using the Website since it may be changed periodically without notice to you.

The information contained within this Marketing Privacy Policy applies ONLY to visitors of and does not apply to visitors, TruScore clients, and individuals using TruScore’s service through

Information that we collect:

Inquiries: When Users contact us we may ask for information that allows us to contact them, validate the seriousness of their inquiry and request specific information related to the reason they have contacted us (User Inquiry Information). User Inquiry Information may be associated with other information, such as Cookies and information from Tracking Software.

Statistical Information: All of our servers collect statistical information such as Users’ IP addresses, dates Users visit, computers Users are using, and operating system, among other data (Statistical Information).

Cookies: Our website uses cookies. These data files are read by our server to determine whether Users have visited our site before, how often, the length of time and which pages Users view. The equipment we use to provide Services to Users may also place cookies on their computers.

Tracking Software: We may use software designed to track responses to our advertisements, other promotional activity as well as a Users’ movement through our site (Tracking Software). Tracking Software includes software such as web beacons and software used by our advertising partners.

How We Use This Information:

Subpoenas and Other Demands for Information: TruScore is required to comply with demands for information as required by State and Federal law. Examples of these demands include subpoenas, warrants, and civil discovery demands. Information covered by our Marketing Privacy Policy may be disclosed following such a request if we determine, in our sole discretion, that such a disclosure is necessary or required. We may also disclose this information if it is necessary or required to protect our interests, the interests of our customers, or in connection with the sale of our business.

Statistical Information: We do not use Statistical Information to identify Users personally. We use Statistical Information to operate our hardware and software, diagnose problems and administer our website. We may use aggregate Statistical Information to modify the products and services we offer based on who is visiting our website, and what they are purchasing.

Cookies: We may use Cookies to identify Users personally. We use the information provided by cookies to change the way our website looks to Users; to keep Users logged in to certain areas of our website; to ensure continued connection to the Equipment; and to collect demographic data about where Users go on our website and how they behave. Cookies used by our Equipment are used to track and log activities on the Equipment and our Network for security, network maintenance and other related activities. Information about Users collected by Cookies may be associated with information collected from tracking software, and, in response to a sales or support inquiry, may be associated with this additional information to identify a User personally.

Tracking Software: Tracking Software does not initially identify Users personally. In general, we use the information provided by Tracking Software to determine the effectiveness of our marketing programs; improve the functionality of our website; and to collect demographic data about where Users go on our website and how they behave. Tracking Software may collect information that when combined with other information we have collected, will enable us to identify Users individually.

Interest-Based and Other Targeted Advertising: We collect data about your activities on our websites and applications for use in providing advertising tailored to your individual interests, and we may share information about activities on our websites with advertising networks administered by third parties. These ad networks track your online activities over time and across websites by collecting information through automated means, and they use this information to show you advertisements that are tailored to your individual interests.