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Host all of your content on our 360 assessment platform.

  • Leverage a dedicated assessment advisor offering hands-on, day-to-day guidance.
  • Enjoy a modern, intuitive user experience that excites your employees and makes your raters happy.
  • Rest assured that you're using a powerful, yet flexible platform that supports the integrations + customizations you need.
  • Access our heavy-hitting feature spread — without the noise of frills you don’t need.
  • Dashboards allow you to see everything at a glance.
  • Deploy Automatic reminders to raters in order to drive assessment participation.

Not a single presentation fails to wow our prospects

"I have yet to see a demonstration of the TruScore system — to a prospect, partner, or existing client — where the viewer hasn’t been wowed. There hasn't been a single presentation where the response hasn't been the same:. ‘How quick can we move?’ TruScore’s platform is a better look and better feel; it's simpler, it can do more. And, as a team, we've found some major time savings and we'll continue to find those"

- Damon Argyle, Vice President of Operations, Zenger Folkman

Technology is a huge distraction — and you can outsource it to us.

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Enjoy all the features that matter

Bye-bye, feature overload. We offer only the ones that are truly relevant, so you can master our interface in days, not months.


Be technologically competitive

Keeping up with the latest 360 technology will no longer monopolize your time, money and focus. You’ve got better things to do.


Have peace your data is secure

GDPR compliance, encryption at rest, advanced threat protection…whew, it’s a lot to juggle. Why not leave the overwhelming security requirements to us?


You're in control.
Backed by our team of experts.

Features and flexibility needed for the enterprise. Support and guidance needed for your peace of mind.

  • Intuitive project creation
  • Flexible report delivery options
  • Control individual or group deadlines
  • Simple scheduling of invitations & reminders
  • Rater return rates at your fingertips
  • Customizable project settings
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Guided process from start to finish.

We make it easy for your participants to get feedback, with a clearly defined process from start to finish.

  • Real-time return rates to track rater completion
  • Automatic reminders to drive completion
  • Reporting dashboards to see everything at a glance
  • Online development plans to set goals and keep supervisors in the loop
  • Developmental tips for all Task Cycle® assessments
  • Pulse check surveys to check skill progress

Easy-to-use, clean, and modern survey interface.

All of the survey features you expect, none that you don’t.

  • Easy-to-use on any mobile device
  • Rated, ranked, open-ended questions, and more
  • Set question completion requirements – % of questions or all
  • Alternate question text based on rater group
  • Linked questions (point/score allocation)
  • Supports multiple languages
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Software FAQ

What other leadership development executives have asked before moving to our platform

How long does this take? A transition to your servers feels overwhelming. I’m not sure we have the headspace or resources to make this move.

Moving your company’s content to our platform is a big step — but we’ve developed a solid, straightforward process for making it happen, and we take full charge of that process.

Our job is to make your life SIMPLE. We will drive the transition from start to finish, so you can focus on other areas of your operation.

It’s also worth asking yourself: can you afford not to take action at this time? How many opportunities are you losing — and how many customers are you leaking — due to your current technology?

Your platform is exactly what we need. But how much will this all cost?

Our annual hosting fee varies widely depending on your needs and size; if you submit a request here, we’ll get back to you shortly with an estimate.

And when you compare our fee to your existing tech costs, consider all your hidden costs. How much money are you currently spending on...

  • Hefty server fees
  • Hours of software development
  • Website design and maintenance
  • Bloated people & office overhead
  • Multiple missed opportunities

How much is it worth it to you to eliminate ALL of the above?

Many of our clients were able to slash IT, software development, and support costs after switching over to us.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you an IT company, or a leadership development company?
  • How much focus and productivity have you lost due to IT headaches?
  • How much time have you sat in meetings in the last quarter discussing IT (instead of business development)?
  • Can you retain your sterling reputation in leadership development when you are so bogged down with technical management?
How do I know my data is secured?

In this day and age, Security and Privacy is one topic where "trust us" just doesn’t cut it any more. That’s why we encourage our clients to check out our comprehensive security policy that outlines the specific steps we take to ensure our clients can meet even the strictest security requirements and privacy regulations. Whether you’re concerned about government standards like GDPR or just meeting corporate security requirements, we have the policies and technology in place to help you quickly check all the boxes.

What about the Report output? How much influence do I have on the design of the reporting output, and can you match an existing report?

When it comes to reporting, you get to decide. Whether you prefer to use one of our interactive report templates, replicate your existing report, or design an entirely new report, we’ve got you covered. With 4 decades of experience designing 360 reports, we’ve learned that a report is not just data, it should tell a story and have a structure that is consistent with your philosophy and delivery.

Do you support integrations?

Absolutely. We’ve worked with clients to set up everything from simple SSO integrations to full platform integration and just about everything in between.

Yes, I’m ready to see your 360 software in action!

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