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A guided 360 assessment process from start to finish.

Circles with check-9.2021-09Raters can relax knowing you will have an expertly designed 360 assessment process.
Circles with check-9.2021-09Make it easy for participants to get feedback with a clearly defined process from start to finish.
Circles with check-9.2021-09Choose to use a ready-to-go assessment, or have TruScore 360 experts build an assessment that is custom to your organization.

Circles with check-9.2021-09Real-time assessment return rates to track rater completion.

Circles with check-9.2021-09Online development plans empower goal setting and keep supervisors in the loop.
Circles with check-9.2021-09Dashboards allow you to see everything at a glance.
Circles with check-9.2021-09Automatic reminders to raters drive assessment participation.
Circles with check-9.2021-09Train your in-house staff and use your own experts to drive leadership development.


5 Key Components for 360 Program Success

This eBook dives into the myriad dos and don'ts of implementing a 360 program, addressing common challenges and questions while offering best practices within the landscape of the 360 feedback industry.

Leverage our expertly designed, ready-to-use 360 assessments with no hassle administration.


Ready to have a professionally designed 360 assessment at your fingertips?  Our ready-to-use 360 degree assessments are reliable, provide valid feedback, and save you time.  Our dedicated Assessment Advisors can take care of the heavy lifting, administering your surveys and managing your project from start to finish so you can focus on your people.

Are you looking for a more customizable option? We have you covered. Our experts will build a custom 360 survey that's suited for your organization.

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Intuitive, clearly defined feedback process for your participants.


360 assessment tools enable leaders to drive employee development and monitor progress.

  • Real-time return rates to track rater completion
  • Automatic reminders to drive completion
  • Reporting dashboards to see everything at a glance
  • Online development plans to set goals and keep supervisors in the loop
  • Pulse check surveys to check skill progress

Measurable and successful results...

"With TruScore’s extensive database and expertise around leadership development, we were able to customize the 360 assessments to fully meet our needs... they continue to provide measurable and successful results throughout our organization."

- Kenneth Randall, Senior Director Learning & Development, Banner Health

Dashboards make your 360 reporting easy to understand.

  • Review data and drill down to individual score details
  • Turn rater groups on and off to compare specific sets of data
  • Toggle between Raw and Centile scores
  • Sort data to identify organizational gaps and create development plans
  • Easily spot YOY development trends by comparing current 360 assessment scores with previous scores
  • Aggregate roll-ups of scores and ranks
  • Share executive summary reports with supervisors

Train in-house talent to become certified Task Cycle® Trainers.  


We’re not wired to work on everything at once. That’s why our 360 assessments are based on the Task Cycle® Theory, a leveraging sequence that eliminates confusion on where to start by putting the most important behaviors first.  When your staff becomes certified coaches they will be your in-house 360 assessment coaches with a deep understanding of how to:


Administer 360 assessments


Interpret individual reports


Guide the development planning follow-up with participants

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Turn Your Managers Into Leader-Coaches

This e-book uncovers the kinds of thinking, tools, resources, and guidance that can help organizations get more results from their managers while spending less of their L&D budgets.