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Derek Murphy

Delivering feedback after a 360 assessment will make or break your reputation (and your effectiveness) as a consultant. Some organizations go through a 360-degree assessment and do nothing with all that data or the data is presented in an ineffective manner....... Continue Reading →

Do-it-yourself…this is a phrase that has always gotten me into trouble around the house. I used to think I was a lot better at household projects than I really was, but after years of home ownership I have finally embraced the truth and come to appreciate...... Continue Reading →

Convenience. We’re constantly pursuing ways to make our lives, both personal and professional, as convenient and efficient as possible. It makes sense then that we oftentimes opt for a larger one-stop shop, whether for increased choices or lower price. After...... Continue Reading →

Remember those first-day of school jitters? You were nervous with anticipation and, as a result, probably slept very little wondering where your classes were and what your new teachers were like (stickler for rules or laid-back and fun)? That’s not even...... Continue Reading →

Ahhh, I recall with sincere fondness the memory of playing certain childhood games. Sorry, Monopoly, LIFE, and one of my personal favorites – Chutes and Ladders. Now, each of these has messaging, or themes, that could be related in some fashion or another to...... Continue Reading →