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Do more with less. It’s a popular phrase in the workplace, as the drive for optimal achievement is everywhere.

Companies continually call on managers to do more but often with fewer people, less spending, less time.

Perhaps due to the ‘more with less’ philosophy, we have seen an increase in clients asking for tools to fit this need.

When a client comes to us for survey hosting, there are different approaches and options the client can take in managing their 360 Feedback programs.

One key option is process management. This is where the administrator can choose to maintain full control of the survey process, or can opt for survey automation.

Survey automation means the data is automatically entered into the system without the need to input information manually. The low-administrative solution can reduce errors, save time, and even eliminate costs.

However, some clients prefer to have complete control over the entire assessment process and manage the entire process themselves, with TBC providing technology support when needed.

For example, when a client chooses full control they must manually setup a project such as survey type, deadline date, and participant information. They send out invitations to the raters, manually track completion rates, and manage deadlines, etc.

On the other hand, survey automation can be turned on to simplify the entire process. The fully automated process only requires initial enrollment. After that is completed, each step of the survey process is automated. The TBC project management team manages the project to ensure it is running smoothly.

The goal of automation is to make life easier. It helps speed up and automate repetitive computer tasks, can reduce burdens, and makes the process flow smoothly. In other words, it removes the potential headaches of the survey process.

Process management is based on preference, so pick the option that best suits your company’s needs – whether it is hands-off or hands-on control, or something in between.

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