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You work hard, present new ideas, and take the initiative every chance you get thinking that you’ll be sure to get that promotion when it comes around. Gathering up the courage to ask for a promotion is a big deal, and hearing “no” can make you want to crawl into a corner and never return to work again. However, you know that you need to act like a professional, so treat this as a learning experience so that you can have a chance at a promotion the next time around.

Have you been turned down for that promotion? Here are some tips on how to stay motivated after rejection:

Get the facts

Find out why you didn’t get the promotion in the first place. Is it a budgeting issue? Is your boss seeking someone with a different type of experience than you? Is there something specific you can do now to get the promotion at a future date? Find out the facts so you can figure out your next move. If it’s a budget issue, you might have a shot in the future. If it’s skill specific, then you will want to figure out a way to gain those skills through training and/or additional certification.

Be proactive

If you want to stay with your company, you’re going to need to find creative ways to get what you want even if a promotion isn’t in the cards at the moment. Talk openly with your boss, and thank him/her for taking the time to meet with you and discuss why you are not getting a promotion at this time. Then, take steps to resolve the problem at hand. For instance, if the company had a bad quarter, talk about what you are going to do personally to help the company during upcoming projects.

Set new goals

Your goal might have been to get a promotion, but clearly that didn’t happen. So it’s time to re-think your goals and set some new ones, taking into consideration the reasons why you didn’t get a promotion this time. Focus on what you can do to improve your performance and help the company, and think smaller right now. For instance, setting a goal to sign on a new client every month this year is more specific than trying to increase your sales by 15% this year and it is more likely to keep you motivated on a day-to-day basis.

Getting rejected stings, no matter what the reason. The key to getting and staying motivated after rejection is to see your rejection as an opportunity for personal improvement and growth rather than as a closed door. Take these steps to improve your performance and open opportunities for advancement either in your current company or by taking a new job opportunity.