Boulder, Co. – The Booth Company, an international provider of leadership development surveys, announces the launch of TruTrack® – an interactive development planning tool that is seamlessly integrated with its .NET survey hosting platform, TruScore® ( TruTrack® will allow a survey participant to create a development plan online and email it to a manager, coach, or other stakeholder. The development plan is also stored on the participant’s portal for ready access and easy modification. To increase the likelihood of goal completion, the participant is prompted to schedule reminders in their business calendar, such as Microsoft Outlook®. TruTrack® also comes equipped with a full library of developmental recommendations for each survey.

Dr. Daniel Booth, CEO of The Booth Company, states, “We are excited about making development planning so immediate and easy to complete-and to automate accountability for follow-up. Practical and constructive follow-through is perhaps the most important component of a 360 survey, especially when informed by reliable results and greater self-awareness. Research indicates that the people who improve their scores on a second assessment are those who take their development plans seriously and take actions to improve in their identified goals. TruTrack® helps to keep the development plan current and accessible by having it online and by allowing calendar reminders to be scheduled.”

TruTrack® is a new component of TruScore® survey software, which The Booth Company released in 2007. TruScore® is an online application that requires no software installation and can be accessed by administrators, participants, and raters from any computer that has an Internet connection and browser. This technology allows all aspects of the feedback process to be customized while enhancing user experience and administrative control at every level. Most importantly, TruScore® is designed to be compatible with a broad range of assessments, making it an ideal platform for independently authored surveys as well as The Booth Company’s Task Cycle® surveys. TruScore® survey software is a secure, on-demand application operating on Microsoft’s .NET framework.