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Boulder, CO — The Booth Company, an international provider of leadership development surveys, announces the release of its new survey for senior middle managers, “Advanced Management Practices.” This survey contains 77 questions that combine a focus on the strategic requirements of executives while also concentrating on the management skills needed by middle managers.

The Advanced Management Practices (AMP) survey is a 360 degree feedback assessment that provides higher level managers with feedback about their management and strategic leadership skills. Dr. Daniel Booth, CEO of the Booth Company, states that “the demands on the first line supervisor to be more creative and strategic have pulled our middle-management survey, Leadership Competencies for Managers, into the world of front-line managers and left a gap between that and our Executive Leadership survey. By keeping this survey in the management series we are able to provide something close to the executive survey at lower cost.” He continues, “The survey is being well-received by multi-national companies in its English version, and it will soon be available in other languages.”

The AMP feedback report is in TBC’s new simplified format. Derek Murphy, President of The Booth Company, states that “this format puts the narrative text online for the participant, reducing the size of the feedback report. The same data presentations, as seen in TBC’s standard reports, remain – including comparisons to normative data throughout. AMP is normed against senior mid-managers, providing them with a more relevant benchmark than the norms for front-line and middle-managers. Some clients are using the survey in its generic form. Others are finding it wonderfully adaptable to their situation with minor customization.”

Effective advanced management practices can be learned by following the sequential steps in the Advanced Management Practices Task Cycle®. The Task Cycle® comprises six sequential phases that are relevant to managing and leading for change. Eighteen skills are measured under these six Task Cycle® phases: Entrepreneurial Vision, Planning for the Future, Maximizing Human Resources, Feedback, Driving toward Success, and Recognition. The “outcome dimensions” include trust, tension in the team and a measure of overall effectiveness.

The AMP Task Cycle® assesses the vision of the senior level mid-manager, his or her ability to plan for the future, the skills needed to manage, motivate, and lead others, and the drive to achieve operational and strategic goals, as well as his or her impact on the team.