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Fast Tracking Trust with Employees

Trust is the foundation for most important relationships and can take time to build, but in a business relationship, particularly between employer and employee, time is of the essence. A trustworthy leader is a powerful asset to any business, so bridging the gap between employer and employee quickly is key.

Be relatable
Being respected and knowledgeable is vital for any leader. Showing some vulnerability while still maintaining a leader role will make you more approachable. This may involve socializing outside of work on occasion or even admitting to small mistakes. Coming down off of that management pedestal every now and then will go a long way in building a trusting relationship with your employees.

Be truthful
Though this may seem obvious, being truthful about business can be difficult at times. When possible, it is always important to be transparent. If employees feel that you are putting your trust in them, they will also put their trust in you.

Give credit where credit is due
Recognition of accomplishments has a large impact on trust. As a leader, you will frequently receive praise for team accomplishments. Sharing the praise and acknowledging employee accomplishments oftentimes will let your employees know that you are a person they can trust, as you are willing to share in their wins and not just take the credit for them.

Step up for your team
Stepping up for your team’s actions will go a long way in gaining their trust. If you are willing to put yourself on the line for them, they will most likely do the same for the team.

Be open to suggestions
A staple of a trusting relationship is the ability to be open and open-minded. Receiving feedback and criticisms as a leader is just as important as giving them. Asking for feedback and your willingness to receive it with an open mind will demonstrate your trust in your team.

An exchange of trust will build a more successful and productive working relationship.