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The Booth Company (TBC), an international provider of 360 degree feedback and survey hosting solutions announces the release of a new Sales Management Survey that addresses the growing importance of including first-line and middle sales managers into an organizational development plan.

With the stagnant economy, organizations rely more intensely on the sales team to grow both existing and new revenue channels. First-line and middle sales managers are at the core of the sales process and a business-critical part of an organization. However these employees are often overlooked when it comes to training and development programs. Ironically, organizations seem to have a close eye on sales but often overlook the possibility of improving their sales team by including them in the company’s organizational development initiatives.

The Sales Management Survey (SMS) not only helps sharpen communication and teamwork skills, but they are designed to stretch the sales skill development and goals into early stages of leadership competencies. “Sales managers have the unique responsibility of implementing sales strategies and achieving sales goals,” explains Derek Murphy, CEO of The Booth Company, “this challenge is the basis for the sales management survey, giving the sales manager valuable feedback specific to the sales management role to create a starting point for on-going development.”

The SMS is built on the Task Cycle® theory which is comprised of six sequential phases that are relevant to managing and leading for change. The SMS includes eighteen competencies measured under these six Task Cycle® phases: Establishing the Purpose, Laying the Foundation, Sustaining the Effort, Feedback, Driving toward Success, and Recognition.

For more information about the SMS Survey or any other survey that The Booth Company offers, please contact Hank Curtis at 303.865.3776.