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360 degree feedback

360 Feedback can be effective in assessing leaders on the main tasks for achieving business goals and objectives, exhibiting technical competence as well as developing and articulating a vision. However, the marketplace can be very confusing. Here are five...... Continue Reading →

People are constantly being asked for feedback – from engagement surveys, to 360 feedback, to what type of coffee to stock in the breakroom – and this can take a toll on their willingness to provide feedback. Rater fatigue can lead to unfinished surveys,...... Continue Reading →

There are many benefits to 360 degree feedback. However, a lot of 360 feedback projects can go wrong, which results in poor ROI and can give a bad impression of 360 feedback. It is unfortunate some perceive 360s in a bad light because 360s were created to...... Continue Reading →

Adding leadership competencies to your manager’s skills Many organizations are struggling with the transition into a global economy, forcing them to flatten their management hierarchy. As a result, today’s managers are faced with increased responsibilities as...... Continue Reading →

Written by Carlann Fergusson – Owner of Propel Forward Too often I have heard from managers and recruiters who are Boomers or Generation X that Millennials have an unrealistic, inflated view of their capabilities. On the other hand, many Boomers and...... Continue Reading →