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Kurt Blazek

Are you passionate about your job? Sure, you care about it, you want to make better metrics than last quarter, and you help your team, but are you passionate? Company culture is formed by the attitudes of every single employee in the organization, and it’s...... Continue Reading →

Some people think leadership is all about education. Others think it’s all about experience. Most people would agree that leadership is certainly about both these things. But Theo Epstein, club president of the Chicago Cubs, thinks leadership is about...... Continue Reading →

Pop quiz: what’s the worst possible thing that can happen at your workplace that ISN’T:... Continue Reading →

Are you inspiring? You can determine this by how your employees behave. Are they snarky and try only to reach day’s end? Do they work slowly and always seem bored and irritated? Did you notice this attitude after you came to the office? If the answer to any...... Continue Reading →

Sometimes promoting employee accountability can feel like you are spinning basketballs like the Harlem Globetrotters or juggling a set of clubs like a magician. Every workplace has its challenges and its accomplishments. In order to map out employee...... Continue Reading →

Regardless of the industry, business as usual is speeding up. We are called upon to respond more quickly to more diverse and urgent demands, and we are expected to deliver a higher-quality result. As these new standards become the norm in our professional...... Continue Reading →