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Carlann Fergusson

I’d grab my notebook, dash out of the office bounce up the stairs, and enter the hall where my mentor’s office was. I’d walk in the office saying “Hi Linda,” and prepare for my one hour of enlightenment. We talked about the inner workings of the organization,...... Continue Reading →

Written by Carlann Fergusson – Owner of Propel Forward Too often I have heard from managers and recruiters who are Boomers or Generation X that Millennials have an unrealistic, inflated view of their capabilities. On the other hand, many Boomers and Generation...... Continue Reading →

Written by Carlann Fergusson, Owner of Propel Forward LLC. You read about it in the papers all the time. A successful entrepreneur is asked to step aside and let a CEO with more operational experience continue to grow the business. This move is neither a...... Continue Reading →