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Successful Leaders Nurture Their Relationships

By Morag Barrett, CEO - SkyeTeam

Morag BarrettNone of us achieve success alone, the world of work is probably the biggest team sport any of us will ever take part in. At times, it can feel like our coworkers are on the opposing team rather than playing on the same side and for the same company. Relationships Matter.

When mistakes happen, when goals are missed, or when careers derail, it’s not usually about a lack of competence or expertise. It’s usually because of mismanaged relationships. The quality and health of our professional relationships has a direct impact on the output of our work, our morale and motivation, and in some cases our reputation.

This is especially apparent in times of transition; when you are moving from one role to another, promoted to a new leadership level, or joining a new organization. While effective leaders and managers are at the heart of every successful organization, many companies still operate a ‘sink or swim’ approach to development and don’t provide support during critical transitions. This becomes even more apparent...

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Leaders can Build Trust through Communication

By Jeremy Unruh

jeremy.jpgIn most relationships, people want to have trust—with a romantic partner, with a family member, with a doctor or a dentist, with a mechanic or a plumber. In those relationships, without trust as a foundation, much can fail. Shouldn't we see it the same in the workplace? After all, a company’s success is based on trust—consumers must trust the brand, and employees, who, in essence, sell trust to consumers, most definitely need to trust their leaders. CommuniCon, Inc., says that “high-trust organizations have increased value, accelerated growth, enhanced innovation, and improved collaboration.” So why is it that, according to the 2013 Edelman Trust Barometer, 82% of people don’t trust business leaders to tell the truth? If you’re a leader in your company, that statistic should be...

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5 Steps for Better Stretch Goals

Good leaders should want their employees to not only succeed but also push their limits and raise the bar. One way that can help employees get there, is through regular goal-setting. This can be challenging because often times, employees don’t understand the overarching vision and goals of a company or organization. So it’s important that all players are aligned on the corporate vision in order to effectively start with the goals process. With that firmly in place, a manager can try to push his or her employees by suggesting stretch goals—the type of target that may seem impossible.

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