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Featured Article October 2013

Internal or External? How to Determine your Coaching Strategy

By Patricia Overland, Senior Coach - Ken Blanchard Companies

Patricia OverlandCoaching has hit the mainstream. It’s showing up in Dilbert cartoons, sitcoms, and well, even the Kardashians' are using coaches. Being mainstream simply means that there are a lot more choices one has when considering coaching. It is no longer the secret weapon for C level executives. And it’s not about correcting performance. It’s about motivation, behavior change and ultimately ensuring that people are having the conversations that matter most.  I’m a business coach. Fully trained and certified, and hard at work helping leaders develop and grow for the last 15 years.  I have seen coaching at work in organizations, making a profound difference in how leaders lead, and how individual contributors put their best effort forward.

In recent years the debate has raged about when to use internal coaches and when to use external coaches.  Everyone has weighed in, from the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology to the International Coach Federation. Companies are increasingly exploring how to design coaching programs that work for...

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5 Steps to Better Time Management

By Jeremy Unruh

Jeremy Unruh
If you're like most executives, you probably start your day fresh and energetic and end it tired and stressed but this isn't how it has to be. Despite the challenges, having an executive position is rewarding and praise-worthy, and it is possible to feel highly productive and satisfied when your day comes to an end. The key to achieving this lies in improving your time management. If you're finding it hard to mow through your daily tasks, here are a few steps to follow in order to...

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Leadership Tips

Achieve your Goals through Planning

Achieve goals by clarity of purpose and thorough planning, not by pressuring. Look at your goal setting and planning processes to see where you can stress the importance of achieving the goal.  

Consider that each person responds to different types of motivations, so learn to tailor your strategy to the needs of your team members.

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How to Manage 9 Different Personalities at Work

Take a moment to think about your team. Chances are your team consists of a pretty diverse group of people who all have their various strengths and weaknesses. 

While a diverse team has many benefits to the workplace, whenever people get together, there are bound to be different points of views that can lead... 

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