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Featured Article May 2013

Is Your Executive Perspective Broad Enough to Successfully Grow Your Business?

By Carlann Fergusson, Owner/Solutions Expert - Propel Forward LLC

Carlann FergussonYou read about it in the papers all the time. A successful entrepreneur is asked to step aside and let a CEO with more operational experience continue to grow the business. This move is neither a statement that the entrepreneur’s brilliance has diminished nor a statement that the leader didn’t try hard enough. Instead, it is often a reflection that the entrepreneur kept their sight fixed on the same levers it took to start the business instead of a broadening their perspective as the business grew and became more complex.

If founders want to remain with their company through the next big growth cycle they will need to prepare themselves for this leader-shift. The good news is...

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Why you Should Add Humor to your Leadership Toolbox.

By Jeremy Unruh

Heather CaliendoYou could say humor is a funny thing (pun intended). It’s subjective, for instance you might be a huge fan of “The Hangover” films while your significant other finds them as humor-less as a congressional hearing. Still, the one thing everyone can agree on is they like to laugh from time to time but, unfortunately, many workplaces operate in a laugh-free zone.

While direct reports might have a laid-back relationship and share plenty of laughs at the water cooler, it’s typically a different relationship with their boss. It’s hard to tell where the boundaries are and in our politically correct world, no wants to offend anyone.

But if you’re an easygoing and humorous person, you shouldn’t hide that just because the word “leader” is part of your job title. Don’t forget...

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Leadership Tips

Encourage Creativity

Look at your organizations environment. Are imagination and creativity encouraged? To encourage others toward creativity, listen to their ideas and allow differing ideas, discussion and reasonable conflict.


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Leadership vision a little cloudy? Time to get some glasses. 

Why not? Those two words hold a lot of power. For example, why not earn a master’s degree? Why not get married? Why not cook with olive oil?

So when was the last time you asked yourself, “why not” when it comes to defining your leadership vision? In case you need a refresher, one’s leadership vision is widely considered as the cornerstone of leadership. Leaders must generate ideas to improve processes or products that keep the organization...

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