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How to Identify Your Passion (and Use It To Fuel Your Work)

By Kathy Caprino, M.A., President, Ellia Communications Inc.

Kathy CaprinoI hear from hundreds of women each month asking a fascinating variety of career and work-life questions, hoping for some guidance. But one question emerges more frequently than any other, from women of all walks, levels, and capabilities.

The one question I hear more than any other is, “How can I figure out what my passion is?”

I had a powerful personal experience this week that I think exemplifies the answer to this question and I’d like to share it with you.

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend two important conferences in New York City that opened my eyes to new insights and learnings. The first conference was on business innovation and “disruption,” sponsored by WOBI, and the other was Claudia Chan’s S.H.E. Summit, a global women’s leadership and lifestyle event.  WOBI on Innovation focused on the many, multifaceted disruptions that are impacting business today, and the tremendous upside opportunities they present for those flexible and...

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Communicate the Big Picture: Millennials are Motivated by Feedback

By Jeremy Unruh

jeremy.jpgThe generational composition of the nation’s workforce is constantly changing, and, at certain times, it seems the landscape creates an entirely new snapshot. Such will be the case by 2020, when nearly half (about 46 percent, by most estimates) of the workforce will be comprised of millennials. Which is a particularly important statistic for today’s leaders, who are, by and large, boomers or gen Xers, with a few veterans still sprinkled in.      

Making room for the next generation has often been fraught with some headache: each previous generation embraces different viewpoints and honors different values than the ascending one. Such is certainly the case these days, as millennials make their way into more and more offices, bringing with them...

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   Leadership Tips

Provide Feedback

Give feedback as soon as possible after good performance.  Make it specific so the person knows exactly what behavior you are praising.  When criticism is necessary, make it private, constructive, and express confidence in the person's ability to improve.

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The Art of Delegation: Empowering your Managers for Success

Running a business demands a varied set of important skills and the experience to make the most of these skills. The overall progress of your company depends on your ability to make sound decisions that will grow your business in the long-term by taking prudent and diligent steps in the short-term. One key to managing the success of your company lies in your ability to fill a wide array of roles that are essential to handling each aspect of your business at a level that yields progress. As your company grows and reaches further into the areas that will be instrumental in long-term growth, you will need allies within your company to help manage the expanding workload.

Delegating authority is a critical step every leader must assume in order to ensure all areas of your company’s pursuits are managed effectively and monitored consistently. No one person can do it all, and as such, delegating authority allows a growing business to meet...

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