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Featured Article June 2013

Onboarding: Make Sure Your New Hires are 'All Aboard'

By Derek Murphy, CEO of The Booth Company

Derek MurphyRemember those first-day school jitters? You were nervous with anticipation and, as a result, probably slept very little, wondering where your classes were and what your new teachers were like (stickler for the rules or laid-back and fun)? That's not even considering all the social issues that arise such as who would be in your class and where you would sit for lunch at the cafeteria.

We all hoped that those first-day jitters ended as soon as we received our high school and college diplomas, but as I'm sure you're aware, that is not the case.  Whenever one starts a new job, they are faced with those exact same apprehensive feelings. 

One of the most irritating things is not being in control, at least in my opinion. And no matter what role they...

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Move Forward with Feedback

By Jeremy Unruh

Jeremy UnruhWhether Motivation is one of the key ways for managers to get the most out of their employees.  After all, one of the most referenced quotes for leadership is, "Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it," by Dwight Eisenhower. 
Some I'm sure you understand how motivation helps make employees more productive, which in turn positively impacts the bottom line. Now, are you also working to make sure you, yourself, are motivated?

Sometimes managers can be so focused on managing their own employees that they completely forget about...

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Develop your Strengths

View your strengths as development opportunities. Typically, your greatest successes will come from leveraging your strengths. Broaden and improve your strengths by finding new ways to use these skills, by teaching them to others, and by pursuing assignments that stretch your skills even further.

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Turn your Employees into Brand Evangelists

Starbucks isn't known for spending much money on billboard advertisements and commercials, it seems like they prefer to spend some of the company's resources on its people. This past October, the coffee giant spent $35 million on an employee conference, also known as its "Leadership Lab."

The Leadership Lab brought together 9,600 store managers who experienced an interactive trade show, which, according to a fast company article, consisted of "ranking coffee beans, watching roasting demonstrations, learning company history, and most importantly... 

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