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Featured Article January 2013

How your Workplace Culture is like Water to a Fish

By Derek Murphy

Derek MurphyPeople in the business community love their clichés. "There's no 'I' in team," "work smarter, not harder," and my personal favorite, "think outside the box". Ugh. 

When it comes to describing a workplace culture, clichés are a dime a dozen. With our "open-door policies" and expectations of "giving 150%" (how is this even possible?). These general statements don't provide the employee with a lot of useful insights into what it really means to work, and fit in, at the company in question.

Now, I don't mean to offend those in charge of setting the company culture. For some reason, workplace culture, despite the fact that we all work in it every day, is actually hard to...

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6 Tips for Forming Successful Cross-Functional Teams

By Jeremy Unruh

Jeremy UnruhWhether you're part of a company with 50,000 employees or 5 employees, there's no reason you and your team should work in a "bubble" with minimal or no interaction with other teams. Still, for whatever reason, oftentimes people from different departments don't work on projects together. 

A cross-functional team is another phrase that is thrown around the workplace, but it does serve a very real and tangible purpose. This term is referring to a group of people with different skill sets and expertise that work together for a common goal. For example, marketing and customer service, IT and SEO are all departments where it makes sense to...

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Oftentimes cruel and unfair managers are the ones that get talked about, portrayed in the media, Hollywood and so on. But let's say you, as the manager, do care what people think of you.

So, on the flip side, instead of being harsh to your employees, you want to be liked.  Well hate to break the news to you, but there is a chance... 

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