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Featured Article August 2013

How's Your Core Strength?

By Al Watts, Founder of inTEgro

Al WattsPhysical therapy following shoulder surgery or back issues gave me a new appreciation for "core strength." Physiologically, core strength is primarily a function of our abdominal and lower back muscles, pelvis and diaphragm working together to provide support, balance and power when we need it. Core strength isn't as readily visible as the muscles on "muscle beach"; we notice it more in its absence. Core strength is a large part of power generated in the martial arts; it strengthens our backbone, contributes to a healthy upright posture, and is necessary for dynamic sports. Yoga and isometric exercises are particularly beneficial for developing core strength.

It There is a core strength possessed by some leaders and organizations that is comparable on many levels. It is the foundation for their strength and power, contributes to balance, helps them maintain an "upright posture" and conditions them for success in dynamic environments. Like physiological core strength, it requires...

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5 Unique Leadership Styles that Work

By Jeremy Unruh

Jeremy UnruhIs your sales team suffering from low-productivity? This may not be the symptom of poor work ethic, but rather your leadership style. Some leadership styles work great for businesses within your same industry, but they may not work well for your business. However, the great thing about leadership styles is that there are many, so you can borrow from any or all of them, to find the style that best suits you and your company.
Here are 5 unique leadership styles that you can emulate for success.

The Growth-Oriented Participative Leader

Participative leaders don't seclude themselves from their team when making decisions about how to run their organizations. Instead, they work with customers and their team members to...

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Leadership Tips

Managing Risk

Take on risks in stages; and set risk milestones. Break down risks to manage them more effectively. Minimize the costs of failure.  You may find that risk-taking becomes something more comfortable, manageable, and even enjoyable with practice. 

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Finding the Balance Between Optimism and Pessimism 

As a manager, you're required to display some level of positive thinking. You serve as the 'cheerleader' for your team, assigning work while at the same time making sure that your employees are engaged and satisfied with the company.

Optimists are popular people because, generally speaking, they are pleasant to be around and their enthusiasm can be contagious. In fact, according to research from... 

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