360 Feedback Coaching: Confidential, Results & Growth Driven

Rekindle the enthusiasm in your talent

The benefits of 360 feedback coaching

Collaborating with a certified 360 feedback coach in a completely confidential manner, unencumbered by any organizational politics and/or interpersonal power dynamics, is one of the best ways to learn and grow as a leader.

The importance and benefits of 360 feedback coaching

  • Defuse emotional responses and focus on behavioral improvement.
  • Put results in context to your role and environment.
  • Have a competent sounding-board to help organize key priorities.
  • Discuss necessary steps to navigate the challenges you're facing.

360 feedback coaching options

  • One-on-one coaching packages are available in 90 or 60 minute sessions, either in-person or virtual.
  • Virtual group debriefing is available in a 60 minute session, focusing on orientation and interpretive guidance.


TruScore's 360 feedback assessments are organized in a leveraging sequence based on Task Cycle® Theory. Each competency is important, but those at the beginning of the sequence have the greatest leverage and can be used to improve skill areas later in the cycle. This approach helps participants to focus on competencies that have the most impact on their development.

How does the Task Cycle help with coaching?

  • Quickly pinpoint high leverage actions
  • Allows you to spend more time on key areas
  • Reduce the complexity of interpretation
  • Makes it easier to identify development goals

"With a tool that focuses in on the specific behaviors within a logical sequence, a coach can rapidly pinpoint for the participant the high leverage actions. This reduces what can be overwhelming for people and offers immediate insight on what to do next."

Christine Cavanaugh-Simmons, CCS Consulting

"The Task Cycle provides an easy way to hone in on development areas that are most important to a leader... Leveraging the Task Cycle helps my clients identify priorities in development focus, leading to purposeful action, and a stronger commitment to development and growth."

Patricia Overland, Senior Coach/Coaching Solutions Partner @ The Ken Blanchard Companies

"The Task Cycle model is prescriptive in nature, allowing me to quickly determine with a leader which strengths to amplify and which development opportunities to focus on. At the end of one session, the leader is able to move forward immediately with action items coming out of the feedback, having more impact right out of the gate."

Erin Hirschland, Performance Link

Become a certified Task Cycle® trainer

Train-the-trainer solutions

The Task Cycle® Certification is designed for HR/Talent Management professionals, trainers, coaches, and consultants. The session prepares these professionals to administer Task Cycle® 360 degree feedback assessments, interpret individual 360 feedback reports, and guide the development planning follow-up with participants.

Certification Learning Objectives

  • Introduction to the Task Cycle® Model
  • Interpreting the 360 feedback report
  • Preparing for and delivering the feedback